Please note, that we've reached our donation maximum for 2015. Please contact us for your 2016 event.


Each year, the Resort at Port Ludlow contributes to various causes and organizations in an effort to make a positive difference in our community. We believe that it truly does "take a village", therefore we make it a priority to contribute to our communities as individuals, as well as an organization.

However, because we receive an overwhelming number of requests for donations benefiting many worthy causes, we need to be selective in our choices. Therefore, we ask that when submitting a donation request you answer the following questions and follow the below procedures:

  1. Please provide an explanation as to how the donation/certificates will be presented to supporters. (Live auction, silent auction, raffle, etc).
  2. For Live Auction items, we will be sending a flash drive with a 60 second video that shows Port Ludlow. This is a fun and catchy 60 seconds that will get your supporters excited to bid on the item. Please verify that the appropriate equipment will be on-hand to display the video. 
  3. For Silent Auction items, please indicate how the item will be presented.  Our preference is to send a flash drive that can plug into a table-top electronic picture frame, which would be supplied by the auction committee. However, if that is not an option, we'd like to make sure we send other visual materials to display.
  4. Requests should include the name and title of the contact person, complete mailing address and phone number, and the date and details of the fundraising event.
  5. Requests should include a brief summary of the organization, including a clear description of its purpose or mission, those who benefit from it, and the geographic area in which it operates.
  6. All requests must be received a minimum of 60 days in advance.
  7. Preference will typically be given to local organizations and causes.
  8. The Resort at Port Ludlow does not provide monetary donations of any kind, for any event.
  9. We ask that you correspond in writing either by email or mail only. No phone calls, please.

To mail requests, send to:

The Resort at Port Ludlow
Attention: Donation Requests
70 Breaker Lane
Port Ludlow, WA 98365

OR send an Email request to

Click here to view a list of some of the organizations we contributed to in 2014